Spark Solution

Custom Computer Vision System


Spark Solution

Custom Computer Vision System

We create new computer vision systems for custom needs

Cutting edge technology in an original design, low volume friendly.

Key Hardware Selection 

Spark uses the best core technologies. Our engineers choose mechanics, electronics, image sensor and lenses for your product needs.

Tailored Software Features

Argo platform is the heart of Spark’s solutions. Our developers build the tools you need for video streaming and artificial intelligence applications.

Unique Camera Design

Spark’s custom camera is tailored to your requirements. Our designers integrate the technology into a functional camera that is assembled in our facilities.

Camera Hardware and Software Design

Scenario Implementation

We analyze the problem to define a solution and develop a full implementation plan.

Feasibility study

We determine all project’s relevant factors, including technical and business considerations.

Full development cycle

We manage the project from gathering the requirements for the solution to maintaining it.

Embedded computer vision

We provide advanced computer vision features on-camera for a wide variety of applications.

Custom functionalities

We customize our Argo software for complex feature interaction with the real implementation.

System integration

We can integrate other systems to manage events and deliver an overarching functionality.


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Full development cycle

From concept to finished product.


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Let's talk about the problem you want to solve and the goal you want to achieve.


Our R&D team studies and develops the best solution according to your requirements.


We start a new camera development and make a prototype to evaluate the solution with you.


Camera production, image evaluation and quality control starts in our factory.

About Spark

Who we are


Years of expertise


Engineers and developers




Spark is proud of its strong commitment to R&D investment, advancement, and continuous implementation.

TTM Technology

Spark is part of TTM Technology, a branch of TTM Group’s companies with filling artificial vision skills.

Made in Italy

Spark’s headquarters are located in Reggio Emilia – Italy, a city that stands out in the field of research and technology.

East Technopole

Spark has an R&D laboratory located in Hsinchu – Taiwan, one of the most technologically advanced areas in the world.

Here we are

Via Antonio Gramsci, 86/A
42124 – Reggio Emilia Italia

+39 0522 929850


6F., N. 93, Shuiyuan Street, East Dist.
Hsinchu City, Taiwan

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